Neck Pain

If you find that you are dealing with neck pain more often than you are not, you most likely want an effective treatment to stop discomfort from occurring. Contacting Beretta Chiropractic & Exercise Therapy Center in Irwin, PA, to make an appointment with our chiropractor is an option. Here are some reasons neck pain happens, how to treat it at home, and what our chiropractor can do to help.


Reasons Why Neck Pain Occurs

There are many reasons why someone would suddenly have a bout of neck pain. It can be the result of a personal injury, such as working without ergonomic protection or getting into a vehicular accident. It may happen if you look down at a device like your cell phone for long durations of time. It could occur as a result of using too many pillows when you sleep at night. It could also occur as a result of repetitive motion.

How to Treat Neck Pain at Home

If you find yourself with pain in your neck, applying ice to the affected area after an injury will help to reduce swelling. This, in turn, will help to heal the neck quicker. After a day or two, switch to heat on the area where you feel pain. This will aid in proper blood circulation and will relieve pain effectively. Rest your neck as much as possible if it hurts. Avoid exercise and limit your cell phone usage or set a timer to remind you to look away from your device. If your neck is giving you mild pain, simple stretches and reducing the number of movements you make with your neck will help it to heal.

What Our Chiropractor Can Do to Help

If neck pain does not subside on its own after a few days, consider contacting our chiropractor for an assessment. Our practitioner will ask you questions about your ailment to determine what changes you can make in your lifestyle to stop pain from happening again in the future. Our chiropractor will then use a series of movements along your spine and neck to reduce stress upon the joints. This usually helps to diminish neck pain right away, but subsequent sessions may be necessary depending upon the severity of your injury. Physical therapy, massage, electric stimulation, and light exercises are also used to heal the neck as needed.

If you are in search of a treatment for neck pain, contact us at Beretta Chiropractic & Exercise Therapy Center in Irwin, PA, to set up an appointment with our chiropractor for an evaluation of your condition. Call our office at your convenience at (724) 744-0300 for more information about the many services we provide.


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