We value our patients' experience at Beretta Chiropractic & Exercise Therapy Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Beretta
Your Irwin Chiropractor

  • "I just want to say that I HIGHLY recommend Beretta Chiropractic! Having a career that requires constant manual labor had done a disservice to my back over the years. I started going to Beretta regularly 2 months ago and my back has never felt better! He has given me the ability to live freely again and not be bogged down due to constant back pain. I would recommend them to anyone!"
    David Poholsky
  • "Our entire family includes Beretta Chiropractic as part of our health and wellness goals and regimen. Our son has been going to Dr. Beretta for at least 10 years for his sports and activities needs too. The personalized care and approach is what sets them apart and the entire team is world-class."
    Linda Thomas
  • "I am a patient of Dr. Beretta and I give him the highest recommendation. He is very professional and has helped me heal with a combination of postural modifications, exercise therapy and adjustments. His staff is very courteous and helpful. I also take an excellent class with Jordan that has made me much stronger and leaner. Thank you to Dr. Beretta and his staff!"
    Tamara Lecce
  • "First visit was very thorough and informative. My teen daughter had been experiencing hip pain for over a month, making her miserable and limiting her activities. After trying anti-inflammatories, stretching and KT tape with little to no help she experienced complete relief in the first visit!"
    Kim Mastine
  • "Dr. Beretta and his staff are second to none. I've had the privilege of knowing their team for over 5 years now after first seeking out an alternative to a Tordal shot for a migraine and then proper ergonomics for work after a broken femur.
    Throughout the entire time, the staff has had my best interests in mind. The treatments are always functional and intended to diagnose, treat, and improve the situation you are in. The team is interested in crafting a plan tailored to your well-being and goals regardless of whether that means you see them once or a few dozen times. I highly recommend Dr. Beretta and his staff!"
    Bryan Hanna
  • "I have been in John Beretta's care for years, and have ALWAYS found him to be talented, professional, up-to-date and caring Sometimes people are hesitant on chiropractic care, but no one should feel that way about Beretta Chiropractic. He doesn't profess to be able to cure all ills, but he has never failed me. I highly recommend John Beretta, especially to those like me who experience the pains and aches associated with getting older."
    James Moffatt
  • "I have been going since I was 9 and without Dr. B I would not be as active as I am!"
    Victoria Cantini
  • "Best chiropractic place on earth with the best staff!"
    Alec Pevornik
  • "Love the atmosphere and how comfortable it is to workout here."
    Abagail Carly
  • "This place is awesome, everyone is extra friendly, and Dr. Beretta is just fabulous! He really cares about his patients and works with you to get you well!"
    Karen Foster
  • "I'm so grateful for John! He's gone above and beyond for me and my family for nearly 20 years now."
    Jayme Matkozich
  • "I definitely recommend Dr. Beretta! Without him. I'd have a difficult time walking. Now, I'm an exercise happy person!"
    Terri Mueller
  • "Totally recommend coming here. The staff is so nice. Dr. Beretta is going to be flat out honest on how to get healthy. I'm enjoying all of the activities that he's given to strengthen my back."
    Anngela Kichman
  • "Dr. Beretta is an amazing chiropractor. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and takes each client's overall health into consideration. I came to him with a bulging disc in my neck and other health issues that I couldn't get under control. Through evaluation and supplements, my body is on the up and my issues are going away. Give him a chance and you won't be disappointed. He really is the best kept secret of Penn Township."
    Leah Grabiak
  • "I have been a patient at Beretta Chiropractic for well over 10+ years. Atmosphere is professional, yet caring and comforting. Dr. Beretta is definitely a patient advocate. He puts patient care first and the results reflect his treatment . He has taught me self-care and perseverance. I feel very fortunate to have walked into his clinic for help."
    Deborah Duddy
  • "By far the best experience I have ever had with a chiropractor. He actually takes his time with you rather than cracking you and getting you out the door. I always feel so great after leaving there!"
    Katie McCusker
  • "Been to several chiropractors over the years & this is the first time one took the time to teach me muscle strengthening to maintain adjustments. Best chiropractor & exercise program around."
    Amy Langer-Salada
  • "I recently relocated to the area and decided to try Beretta Chiropractic -- just because of the inspiring quotes I see on their sign as I drive down SR 130. The treatment I received today was by far the best I have ever experienced in 40 years of using chiropractic. He not only demonstrated why I’ve been having recurring issues, he showed me how to make small changes in the way I do everyday activities that will help avoid the conditions that have been causing this recurring pain. He patiently explained everything, demonstrated what I needed to do (and gave me take-home paperwork as a reference), his treatment was gentle and effective—after only one treatment , I already feel relief from pain which has been present for more than a year. If you’re looking for a holistic approach and long-term wellness, I recommend Dr. Beretta!"
    Marie Taylor
  • "John Beretta I have to say is the best chiropractor around. He has helped my husband Randy and I numerous times. Especially Randy. Randy just past his physical at work. He even told his doctor he was having a sharp pain in his back. Dr did nothing, so he went and saw John. John told him that that doesn't sound right so next time he feels the pain to go to the er. A week or so later he had the pain, so we went. Ended up having triple bypass. The artery in his back was 98% blocked. John Beretta saved my husband's life!! He listens to you. Absolute best!"
    Doris Baker
  • "I have been coming to Dr. Beretta for a decade, and have always received excellent professional care. Dr. Beretta is all about the solution for your health and well being. He gives you the knowledge through stretches and exercises to help keep your body aligned. Being six foot six, my back and body is grateful for Dr. Beretta's care. Thank you."
    John Wheelus III
  • "I had my doubts about chiropractors in general. Fear and concern have been eliminated. He takes the time to explain everything and make me feel comfortable. He teaches exercise and sitting position to help relieve symptoms I highly recommend them."
    Cathy Rupp
  • "No Chiropractor ever has been able to adjust me and maintain a healthy and stable construction except for Beretta Chiropractic. Dr. Beretta is knowledgeable, patient, and second to none in the chiropractic, fitness, and health field."
    Jason Sims


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