Rehabilitation Exercise

If you have suffered a debilitating injury, you may need therapy to retrain your muscles and build the strength to recover quickly and properly. Chiropractic care involves adjusting a person’s joints, bones, and muscles while physical therapy focuses more on restoring, and later increasing mobility. Many times, chiropractors combine the two and recommend rehabilitation exercises to their patients so the two methods can work together to speed up the recovery and healing processes.


How Rehabilitation Exercises Can Help You

Your chiropractor will examine your muscles, spine, and joints with an X-Ray so they may determine the extent of your injury or injuries, and then decide upon an appropriate course of treatment. Most of the time the treatment will include rehabilitation exercises.

Rehabilitation exercises are used in chiropractic care because they restore strength to the muscles and joints, along with improving mobility. Exercise also improves circulation. Of course, the more blood that flows to your tissues, joints, and muscles, the faster they will heal.

Further Benefits of Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehabilitation exercises can also prevent things like fibrous adhesions from forming in your body, which prevents muscles and joints from moving freely.

Your chiropractor may also request you complete rehabilitation exercises in order to retrain your nerves and muscles following an injury. Your neuromuscular movement patterns need to be restored for you to be completely back on your feet and able to work, play, and live a healthy life.

If you suffer from chronic health issues from a myofascial pain condition or a degenerative joint disease, your chiropractor may decide that rehabilitation exercises are in order because it will help you with the pain and mobility issues you are likely experiencing.

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To determine which rehabilitation exercises are the best for you, you will want to consult with a chiropractor that you can trust and one that has experience with rehabilitation exercises. The Chiropractors at Beretta Chiropractic & Exercise Therapy Center in Irwin, PA, have the skills and knowledge to assist you with all of your chiropractic and rehabilitation exercise needs. Give us a call at (724) 744-0300, or enter your information on our contact page and we’ll reach out to you.


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