Personal Training/Nutritional Counseling

Jordan Beretta

Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh
Certified Nutrition Coach from the International Sports Science Association
Certified Personal Trainer from the International Sports Science Association
TRX Certified Trainer
CPR & AED Certified
In progress: Group Training Specialist

Phone #: 724-600-5115 (call or text)
Email: [email protected]

Personal training and nutrition services are customized based upon the objective of each individual client. Plans are constructed for clients based on his or her age, sport, size, and performance/activity level. With goals being the biggest focus over our period of time together, I will construct a program that will not only get you there the best way, but also the most effective way while avoiding injury. 

Working at a chiropractic and rehabilitation center for the past 7 years, I have plenty of experience of being apart and around individuals who have suffered moderate to severe injuries as well as chronic health conditions. It has made me confident enough to train with people who have underlying issues without hesitation and continue the care they need to do to live a healthy lifestyle.

My end goal is to always make a positive impact in someone's life and lifestyle. To continue working out for individuals who have never stepped foot in the gym or a change in eating habits for someone who has been eating processed foods all their life, are small changes in a big picture of overall health. A change in lifestyle is something that can not only make you feel and look better but give you a better quality of life, and that is what I hope to instill in every one of my clients.

Personal Training

  • Describe primary concepts of physiology during exercise and rest
  • Designing custom programs per client based upon individual’s desires
  • Using the fundamental principles of anatomy and physiology
  • Injury prevention
  • Teaching/educating
  • Modifications for special populations based upon disability
  • Integrate a healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym to progress towards goals

Nutrition Counseling

  • Clear understanding of how nutrition impacts your performance in and out of the gym
  • Progress clients towards their goals
  • How nutrition improves physical and mental health
  • Strategies for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Construct custom plans


  • "I needed a way to strengthen my back and core, and maybe lose some weight along the way. Working with a trainer would be the way to go. Jordan works to help you achieve your goal. She gives that gentle push to keep you moving forward to your goal. She suggests exercises that you think, how in the world can I do this! Very knowledgeable, and caring. Absolutely love working out with her, and becoming a New Me, and feeling Great Along the Way."
    CathyAnn Kravetz Kepes (Female, Age 62)
  • "I’ve been working with Jordan for around two and a half years, and there has never been a time where I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her again. Jordan takes the time to make sure her clients are comfortable, satisfied, and as healthy as possible. She organizes workout sessions with her clients perfectly, writing down the exercises we do as we do them, and suggesting better ways to improve along the way. She’s always on the lookout for helping you to improve and be the best you that you can be. Jordan has given me a dieting log for a couple weeks, where I wrote down exactly what I ate every day, and we checked it out and she gave feedback during each session. Along with that, we’ve taken weekly progress photos, physique updates, and more diet check ins to make sure I’ve been reaching towards my goal in the healthiest way I can. She checks up on her clients and genuinely cares about them, and she wants to see them happy."
    Liz Kosan (Female, Age 17)
  • "I trained with Jordan for 4 months before my wedding and she helped me get in the best shape of my life. While incorporating knowledge of how to use the gym machines and also weight/TRX training, I looked forward to every training session with her! Now 3 years later, I’ve invested in TRX straps for my own home and have continued the training she taught me. Having a trainer makes the process easier and hands down Jordan is the best there is! She created workouts designed for my body (that worked!) and is also very motivating and supportive in your health journey!"
    Katie Kudrick (Female, Age 27)
  • "Over the past three years I have had two low back,one rotator cuff, and a stomach surgery leaving me extremely weak and very out of shape due to inactivity. Over the past year or so Jordan Beretta from Beretta Chiropractic has worked with me to rebuild my strength and conditioning as well as my accountability. We do weigh-ins, measurements, and compare pictures from previous weeks as well as Jordan will send reminder emails and texts with advice to help me stay on task. This week I added another service that Jordan provides. As of Monday I am keeping a food log so that she can verify that I'm receiving enough food in my diet to maintain my workout schedule without crashing by the end of the day. If anyone is looking for a personal trainer and wants to get back on track and especially needs the accountability that I needed, call Jordan Beretta !!!"
    John Sembower (Male, Age 52)
  • "I loved working out with Jordan! I completed her 6 week program and was amazed with the results! I’ve never been the type to go to the gym, so at the very beginning of the program, I told her what my goals were and that I wanted to learn different exercises that I could do on my own. Jordan knew exactly what to do and thoroughly explained each exercise and the different muscles each one worked. At the end of the program she put together a collage of my before and after photos and I was SHOCKED by the results. I honestly enjoy going to the gym now and feel more confident in my workouts thanks to Jordan!"
    Alyssa Caroline (Female, Age 25)
  • "At 52yrs old Female, I need someone to make me accountable, cause life can unintentionally put my health, and fitness last. Jordan is focused on helping me achieve my goals, making every session challenging and fun. Since training with Jordan my fitness has increased and I have seen improvements in my ability to lift heavier, do more difficult core exercises and generally push myself harder through each session. I always look forward to my next session. I would recommend Jordan in a heartbeat."
    Bam (Female, Age 52)


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